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Our firm has long experience in real estate transactions and litigation. For years, the firm created mortgage lending documents for major national lenders and Texas mortgage companies. As such, we can assist you with real estate transactions and the preparation of real estate transaction documents, including: Deeds (e.g., special warrant, general warranty, quit claim and warranty deed with vendor’s lien), Promissory Notes, Deeds of Trust, Truth-in-Lending (TIL) Statements, Assignments, Real Estate Sales Contracts (and Addenda), Leases, Assignment of Leases, Subleases, Assignment of Rents, Security Instruments, Mechanic’s and Materialman’s Liens, Mortgages, Oil and Gas Leases, Mineral Estates, Partitions, Easements, and Rights of Way.

We also advise clients on real estate transactions, including short sales, sales-by-owner, and seller financing among others. We have represented brokers, individuals, and businesses in commercial and personal real estate transactions. The firm also represents landlords and lenders in eviction and foreclosure actions, and Home Owner Associations in recovery of fees. If you need help with a real estate transaction, we would be glad to represent you.

Finally, the firm also represents clients in real estate disputes and litigation. We have represented clients in a range of law suits, involving real estate. Some of those actions include failure to pay on a promissory note secured by a deed of trust, breach of a real estate contract, breach of a commercial lease, breach of an oil and gas lease, foreclosure, eviction, recovery of Home Owner Association fees, trespass, nuisance, adverse possession, suit to quiet title, and boundary disputes, among others. We further represent unknown heirs when appoint as attorney ad litem in real property litigation.

Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions can be complex. They are regulated by state and federal law, and they usually involve a substantial amount of money and investment. In other words, real estate transactions are easy to screw up, and when they are, the consequences can be significant.

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My usual disclaimer: The following is simplified to be helpful. You shouldn’t rely on it or not seek the advice of a lawyer. It is intended to be informational so that you know what services we provide and so that you have a basic idea of what information is relevant when you come to see us.

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A deed is a written document that records the transfer of real estate between individuals. As such, the drafting of a proper and valid deed is an indispensable part of any well planned and executed real estate transaction.

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Oil and Gas Lease

Owners and operators of oil and gas interests face many industry specific challenges. Some of the issues faced by the oil and gas participants include land title, surface and mineral rights, leases, and regulatory compliance.

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Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation generally refers to any dispute arising from an interest in or affecting real property. Whether your legal matter is a landlord-tenant dispute, relating to the buying or selling of real estate, a boundary dispute with a neighbor, or something else we can help you.

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