Practice Areas Real Estate Oil and Gas Lease

Owners and operators of oil and gas interests face many industry specific challenges. Some of the issues faced by the oil and gas participants include land title, surface and mineral rights, leases, and regulatory compliance.

Here at the Gilbreath Law Firm we represent landowners in the negotiation, drafting, review and litigation of oil and gas leases. We will work to get you the best royalty rate, bonus payment, and lease terms. If problems arise, we will stand beside you to protect your rights and interests.

When disputes arise that require legal intervention, our trial lawyers have decades of experience in the courts and understand the legal and factual issues involved in succeeding in a civil lawsuit.  We are capable of representing oil and gas clients in all types of disputes including:

  • Oil and gas mineral leases
  • Surface use agreements
  • Royalty disputes
  • Mineral rights and land title examinations
  • Purchase and sale of mineral rights
  • Regulatory matters
  • Acquisitions of oil and gas producing properties
  • Oil and gas exploration agreements
  • Joint operating agreements

Whether you are already having legal issues or if you want to work with an experienced attorney to prevent problems in the future, we can help you. We handle natural resources law matters related to surface use agreements, property purchase and sales, leasing, dispute resolution, and litigation.

Contact us today for all your legal needs as a landowner, leaseholder or other interested party to oil and gas operations (210) 479-3195.