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Many people have a difficult time confronting issues such as what will happen after their death.

Creating a will is a very personal process. It is never easy to think about death, especially our own. However, the alternative is much worse. Without a valid will, your loved ones would be left at the mercy of the Texas probate system. With a poorly written will, your loved ones may face an expensive administration of your estate and legal and tax bills that could have been avoided.

Your last will and testament reflects your values and how you want your legacy to be remembered and passed down among your heirs and beneficiaries.

When you create a will, you may state which of your assets and properties you want certain people to receive, as well as elect an executor to manage your estate after you pass away. If you have minor children, you may wish to select a guardian to care for your children in the event when you cannot do so.

If you have a will, it is a good idea to review it periodically to assure that it continues to be accurate. Your family’s future is important. We are here to help you make sure that the people you care about will benefit from your estate.

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