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Estate planning, properly conducted, allows an individual to pass along (or place in a trust) any accumulated wealth and property for the benefit of persons, organizations, charities, or even pets. In many cases, people want their estate to be a benefit to their family and loved ones, not a burden. To accomplish this, you need an estate plan that has been properly drafted and accounts for any potential issues that may arise.

Not having proper estate planning can leave your loved ones with a mess and your estate in disarray. Without proper estate planning, your estate may be costly to administer and subject to excessive estate tax liabilities, and the property you leave behind may not be distributed according to your wishes. By properly planning your estate, you can make sure your property is distributed as you want it, you can reduce your estate and heirs’ potential tax liabilities, and you can save your estate and heirs legal fees, court costs, and other expenses related to administering your estate.

Planning your estate is a very personal endeavor. Estate planning encompasses much more than just a last will and testament. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to consider multiple documents to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death or in case you become sick or disabled.

Here are some of the primary estate planning services that we provide here at the Gilbreath Law Firm:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Gifting
  • Living wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Guardianships
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Land trusts
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Directive to Physician
  • Trust administration
  • Special needs planning
  • Asset protection
  • End of Life Decisions
  • Trusts for Protection of Minors
  • Living Trusts

The laws governing estates can be confusing. If you take a shortcut, or don’t prepare carefully for the future, you can leave your loved ones with unnecessary expenses, a tax bill that could have been avoided, or even a lengthy court battle.

Whether you have assets worth millions of dollars or you own a simple house in the suburbs, there are income concerns, creditor protection issues and other planning documents that can help you and your family. We will customize an estate plan for you based on your goals.

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