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San Antonio Estate Planning Lawyer

Our firm represents clients in estate planning, probate, and litigation involving wills, trusts, intestacy, and other probate matters. It is important to safeguard you wealth and to ensure that your property will pass according to your will. Failing to seek legal advice on your estate can saddle your estate and heirs with debt and unnecessary legal fees, court costs, and tax bills. We can help you in estate planning and drafting estate documents so as to reduce those costs and to avoid an unnecessarily expensive estate administration.

Specifically, our firm can assist you in drafting a will, trust, or other estate planning documents. Some of the estate documents that we regularly prepare for clients include last wills and testaments, codicils, trust documents, guardianships (and designations), living wills, medical powers of attorney, general powers of attorney, statutory powers of attorney, directives to physicians (and end of life instructions), and medical powers of attorney, among others.

Further, the firm may aid you in estate management (independent and dependent executorships and trusteeships) and in the administration of an estate, in the probate of wills, and in monument of title and in intestacy matters. In assisting clients in estate planning, the drafting of related legal documents, or in the administration of an estate, one of our goals is to reduce the likelihood of future or ongoing litigation and disputes. Further, our experience in litigation and disputes involving these matters aids us in trying to avoid the mistakes, miscalculations, or oversights that led to those disputes.

In that vein, our firm also represents individuals in will disputes, in probate, and in litigation involving estates, trusts, and other testamentary documents. (We also represent executors, heirs, and beneficiaries in probate actions.) Will, estate, and probate disputes usually arise around the proper interpretation of testamentary documents and the lawful administration of estates. If you believe that you are the rightful beneficiary of property or that an estate, in which you have an interest, is being improperly administered or mismanaged, we may be able to help you.

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