About Us

Our mission is to represent our clients and conduct our affairs with skill, vigor, and in a manner consistent with our core values.

The Gilbreath Firm was founded in 1999, by Joe Gilbreath. After practicing as a solo attorney for a few years, Joe added an associate and then another. In 2009, Jeremy Gilbreath, Joe Gilbreath’s son, joined the practice. Prior to graduating from law school, Jeremy worked for the Gilbreath Law firm, in a variety of capacities. And, from time to time, Miki Gilbreath, Joe’s wife and Jeremy’s mother, can be found answering the phones.

The point is we are a family owned, family run, family values law firm. Family is at the center of everything we do. We try to treat each client as part of the family, and we try to do everything in our power to represent our clients and their families with skill and vigor. But, we never stray from our core family values: honesty, fair dealing, respect, and love. And, by this last one, you will know what we represent.

We welcome you to join our family.

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Gilbreath Law Firm is taking telephonic meetings because of COVID-19/Coronavirus.